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Robert Crowder Studios


The New Royalty


One of our master weavers at work

As long as modern civilizations have existed, custom-woven fabrics have been created by master artisans for royalty signaling their position within society.  In today’s world, consideration of craftsmanship and true uniqueness has been replaced by conformity and the need to simply find an object to fulfill a particular demand or function. But you have attained something special.  Whether you’re an interior designer or a potential client, your own uniqueness has led you on a quest for those things that reflect your discriminating taste and approach to life.  Chances are, that is what led you to Robert Crowder Studios.  We create custom woven fabrics for the new royalty, you.


Robert Crowder Studios’ core weaving business has been in existence since 1947.  Our namesake, Robert Crowder, was a consummate artist known for his Japanese screen paintings.  But like Robert Crowder Studios, Robert exceeded his description in multiple ways.  Find out more about him here.


Today, under the masterful creative direction of Robert’s protégé, Yasu Tanano, Robert Crowder Studios has grown and developed into one of the world’s preeminent master weaving studios.  Read more about Yasu here.

It’s Your Choice

You’ve made choices in your life that helped you attain your position today.  Life is about choices.  Without careful examination of the options you faced, you would not be where you are today.  And neither would we.  We are the legacy of not only Robert Crowder, but also Yasu Tanano and all the gifted artists that helped form us.  We’d like to be part of your story, part of your tapestry.  Tell us about you.  We carefully listen, we thoughtfully consider and then we masterfully create.  We can do it no other way.

Throughout our website, you will find information about our products as well as our history. You’ll also learn about creative journeys we’ve shared with some of the finest interior designers in the world.

Make the time to find out about us.  You may have thought you were simply searching for fabric, but at Robert Crowder Studios, you will find fabrics for a lifetime.

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