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Robert Crowder’s Legacy




Robert working on “The Endangered Species of Japan”


A panel from “The Endangered Birds of Japan”

The legacy of Robert Crowder extends far beyond what he achieved as an artist.  It extends beyond what he achieved as a musician and an author as well.

Robert’s legacy extends beyond what the casual observer might see. Robert’s dedication to excellence in every facet of his life is his true legacy.  He had a wonderful view on how life should be lived.  He learned much from the world around him.  He loved the beauty that he saw in his garden.  Nature was not only a source of inspiration for him artistically, but also for how he approached life.  Robert’s vision was not just about what he saw, but what he touched and felt.  Anyone close to Robert Crowder knows that their own lives were enriched knowing him.

Play the video on the Legacy of Robert Crowder featuring Laird Robertson, a director at Robert Crowder Studios and a childhood neighbor and friend of Robert Crowder.



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