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The Process



Each of our samples for approval are hand dyed and woven.

After discussions with our clients about what they hope to achieve, we begin the process of creating a very special and unique product to meet their needs.  Our process is carefully planned to meet the expectations of our clients and give them a product that is excellent in every way. From the hand-dyed custom samples through delivery, each phase of the job receives our utmost attention.


Standards are . . . well, Standard.

Our client’s standards are our standards.  Their success is ours as well.  We’d like to think we’re also in the business of bringing smiles to our clients’ faces.  Then we smile too, knowing that we’ve done everything to assist our clients and help them in turn, make their clients happy.

Realizing creative vision can be a very difficult task for any designer.  We like to do what we can to make the process easier.  That’s why it’s important for us to know details that will help us translate our client’s wishes into finely crafted fiber art. Contact us here to discuss your upcoming projects. We listen, we process, we create.

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