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Master Weaving




Only skilled master weavers craft fiber art for our clients.

Discipline and Touch

Master weaving requires discipline and persistence to develop the touch of a master weaver.

To become a weaver for Robert Crowder Studios, weavers spend a minimum of three months training before they are ready to work on the looms.  Becoming a master weaver is only achieved by the combination of experience, discipline and feel.  Weavers have a special relationship with their looms much like musicians have with their instruments.  The music of the looms is defined by the rhythmic patterns of the looms reacting to the weaver’s touch.  Weaver and loom become one to create hand woven pieces of fiber art that have become the hallmark of Robert Crowder Studios.

Hand woven fabric has a feel like no other fabric.  It drapes in the hand with gentle curves and folds that cannot be achieved in machine woven fabric as is demonstrated in the video above.

A tour is available to our clients who are in or visiting the Los Angeles area.

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