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yasu_leadership-copyYasumasa Tanano

Yasumasa (Yasu) Tanano couldn’t have imagined the path his life would take as a small boy in Japan.

Yasu was born in Osaka on July 16, 1955.  Yasu loved design and would graduate from Kanazawa College of Arts in Ishikawa, Japan in 1979 with his degree in Industrial Design.  After graduating, Yasu went to work for Pana Home, a division of Panasonic, where his main focus was on interior decorating and floor planning. He stayed for four and a half years.  In June of 1984, Yasu came to Los Angeles to study furniture design but his plans  soon changed.  Yasu had a student visa for English and attended Hollywood Academy for two years. A boarding house friend of Yasu’s told him about an artist who was looking for an assistant.  The artist was Robert Crowder.  He met Mr. Crowder in August of 1984.  He started working for Mr. Crowder after school.  Soon he became Mr. Crowder’s assistant where he learned authentic traditional Japanese painting, Tsuketate, creating custom hand-painted Byobu folding screens, panels and wall paper.  In 1989, Yasu became a permanent resident of the United States.  In the fall of 1995, Yasu was ready for a new challenge, managing the weaving studio.  That’s where you will find him today.

Yasu considers it his life’s work to complete the series, The Endangered Birds of Japan, which Mr. Crowder, his mentor and friend, had started in 1975.

Among other creative and philanthropic interests, Yasu directs a 50 member choir that travels to Japan annually to perform Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony in Naruto, Tokushima.  Based in Los Angeles, LA Daiku performs locally and nationally as well.

Yasu is a collector of Haviland porcelains dating from the 1880’s to the 1930’s,  manufactured by the Haviland Company in Limoges, France.

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