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Think with your hands . . .

Create with your heart.

-Yasu Tanano


Welcome to

Hello to our friends we've worked with and a special welcome to our soon to be new friends and clients.

Robert Crowder Studios represents the finest in high-end weaving and fiber arts that you can find. Our clients require exquisite design and refinement, unmatched precision and the ability to meet schedules that can be quite demanding. We've often done the impossible and delivered product under tough time constraints to help our clients meet their deadlines and fulfill their creative vision. Our clients range from the finest in designer labels to the creme de la creme of the interior design world.

We owe our rich heritage and lineage to our namesake, Robert Crowder, whose dedication to his craft and his art set the standard by which we measure all that we create.

We look forward to helping you achieve your creative vision. You may contact us through the options you will find on our contact page.

Robert Crowder Studios

Robert Crowder Studios

As long as modern civilizations have existed, custom-woven fabrics have been created by master artisans . . .

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Old World Master Weaving

Old World Master Weaving

Master weaving requires discipline and persistence to develop the touch of a master weaver. To become a . . .

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Robert crowder Legacy

Robert Crowder Legacy

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